2015 filling up fast

2015 Crazy

Wow, what a busy week of bookings. I guess 2015 is a popular year to tie the knot. With bookings suddenly raging in this week I thought it would be a good idea to remind people to get in early and secure the best entertainment early. It seems that sometimes we can have no bookings for one weekend and have 10 the next. Why is the wedding and entertainment industry so up and down?
My thoughts, there are a few reasons that i will list below.

1) Significant numeral dates. Dates with religious meaning. Dates close to valentines day or times when there are lots of anniversaries, these dates can be very popular for weddings. Also dates with double numbers such as, 11/11/2011.

2) Long weekends. Thought of having your event on a long weekend? Chances are so has everyone else. Long weekends are very popular dates for events of all types.

3) Day before a public holidays. More and more people are catching on to the idea of having their event on a Sunday to get cheeper pricing from some venues and suppliers as Fridays and Saturdays can be more expensive. Altho this is a great way to save money if the following Monday is a public holiday chances are everyone will be booked out early as these are the most popular dates for events to be held.

4) Other significant dates. Most special dates can book out early such as Australia Day, Melbourne Cup, Valentines Day, Labour Day, Queens Birthday, Good Friday, Easter, Anzac Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Halloween, Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and of course New Years Eve.

5) School formals and xmas parties. November and December can be booked out very fast due to

6) large corporate events. Some of our corporate clients hire our photo booths every year and some can have a large number of staff where just 1 photo booth isn’t enough. On these dates we can sometimes have all our booths booked out from just 1 large event.

So make sure you get in early and book your suppliers for your event early this year and have a great 2015!