Our premium selection of photo booths in a variety of sizes and colours.

Compact studio open air.

If you don’t have much space, or you just don’t want the photo booth taking over the room this is the booth for you. Our Compact studio open air booth is pack with all the highest quality and latest components in a small attractive portable unit.

Small space saving photo booths.

Limited on space? Don’t worry you will still be able to get your photo booth. Our small space saving booths only take up a single square meter. The only other requirement is a standard power point, under cover of rain and a solid flat surface to put it. Our space saving booths capture more intimate photos of couples tho we have had up to 5 people fit in them.

Medium studio photo booths.

Perfect for making a real impression at your event our medium sized booths are fully enclosed and offer the privacy real photo booths are meant to. You will get some outrageous photos from those you would not expect. People tend to let there hair down they feel much more comfortable in  enclosed photo booths. Our medium sized booth comfortably fits 4 but have photos with as much as 8 people.

Large semi enclosed photo booths.

Semi enclosed so there is still that factor of privacy but people outside of the booth can get involved in all the fun. Our largest photo booth can fit up to 12 people and have a selection of velvet backdrops to choose from. If you have the space then this booth will rock your night.

Small Photo Booth – White

Photo Booth

Medium Photo Booth – White

Photo Booth

Large Photo Booth – White

photo booth